Thursday, November 21, 2019

Encouragement and Motivation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Encouragement and Motivation - Essay Example The types of workers in these organizations may range from highly skilled staff to relatively unskilled staff workers. In order to be successful, the managers need to motivate and encourage their wide array of employees. This paper describes the methods I would use, as a manager, to encourage and motivate the workers. Motivating Staff Motivating staff in order for them to perform at optimum ability is integral to running the workforce. Most people need work in order to make money but, although this proves to be a strong incentive, there are other ways. Employees will gain satisfaction and enjoy their jobs if they are aware that they are achieving results (Williams, 2012). First, a manager will need to recruit suitable employees, and then define their responsibilities and roles clearly before finally enabling them to do their job well. The first way to motivate employees is to celebrate results. The manager should focus on activities that are rewarding on an immediate basis (Williams, 2012). Afterwards, the manager should ensure that even those who were not directly involved in experiencing a project’s success get to hear or witness it. Another way to motivate employees is via the creation of a good work environment, which, in turn aids in getting the work done. Comfortable conditions with common amenities and a few luxuries encourage and motivate employees. Additionally, there should be suitable equipments for the job, which will require regular maintenance maintained to avoid interference and frustrating breakdowns with the job schedule. The manager should also attempt to establish a clear goal, as well as ownership. The staff needs to comprehend and focus their energy towards achieving the goal. All the workers must comprehend the organization’s mission and vision with ideas being encouraged from all staff levels (Williams, 2012). This helps since the staff will care more for the implementation of plans that originated from them. Finally, the ma nager can motivate his workforce by fostering communication, teamwork, and feedback (Williams, 2012). People want to be told that their work as a team member is commendable. The best way for a manager to handle this is by treating all staff as valued team members. To create and maintain teamwork, good communication, should be effected, as well as a clear understanding of the other member’s role, as well as fostering close involvement. Meetings need to be conducted with clear outcomes at the end, with employees motivated by seeing and getting things done (Williams, 2012). Equally, if something is agreed on then not put into action, the employees could be disheartened. Therefore, difficulties or delays need to be fed back to the workforce. Without this feedback, the employees become puzzled and frustrated when promised changes do not come to fruition. Encouraging Staff Appraisals act as the starting blocks for managing a worker’s motivation and performance (Williams, 201 2). Appraisals are of huge importance since they help the staff in understanding their role in the organization, as well as the enhancement of communication between themselves and the manager. The appraisals are aimed at getting an employee’s suggestions or wishes and encouraging them in a suitable direction, while maintaining focus on what is required by the organization. The appraisal needs to come up

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