Monday, November 25, 2019

Crowdfunding †Whether You Need the Money or Not

Crowdfunding – Whether You Need the Money or Not FundsforWriters is all about helping you earn enough money, whether its finding jobs, publishing or freelancing. Crowdfunding is off and running, and its Like with grants, many writers I know do not want to bother with crowdfunding. Its another learning curve, they dont like asking for money, theyd have to pay taxes on the money, you name it. But the one that doesnt make sense is I dont need the money, so I shouldnt ask for it. Crowdfunding has turned into more than the needy asking for funds. Crowdfunding is a strategic method of finding supporters. When you proudly and passionately promote your project, then offer rewards for people to jump on board your train, you are campaigning for all of you to propel a project into fruition. It isnt a poor person asking for a handout. Its the group of you making something exciting happen! Look at the successful BIG projects on crowdfunding. Watches, movies, all sort of inventions. Publishers even post their next book project. i Just saw a nonprofit press post about their next poets chapbook, asking for support. What they are doing is not only financial, but also promotional. Its getting the news out ahead of time, and the blog updates within the crowdfunding page keeps the supporters updated as to progress. It becomes a community effort instead of an author, a publisher, and a reader. Hello Ru 1000 Days of Spring is a memoir that asked for $6,400 and gained $12,790. With each dollar comes a reader or two! See crowdfunding as a tool in your promo toolbox, not just a place to find money. Not only will you gain readers, but successful campaigns are trolled

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