Monday, March 16, 2020

Morality in the US essays

Morality in the US essays Many things have influenced the United States in its history. Morality,one of these influences, has been both observed and ignored in this history. This essay will show different periods in history when the United States acted in a immoral fashion. The United States treated the Japanese Americans immorally in World War 2 and acted immorally toward Native Americans especially at Wounded Knee. Another of the immoral acts that the US has committed was the My Lai Massacre. In 1940, the United States census found that there were 126,947 Japanese Americans in the United States, 79,595 of which were native born. On December 11, 1941, two days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1370 Japanese Americans were detained by the FBI for being "dangerous enemy aliens." In 1942, the United States government relocated 110,000 Japanese Americans to internment camps. The United States did nothing to any other people in the country including the German Americans, the Italian Americans, and the Polish Americans. This may have been because the Japanese had attacked the United States on its own territory. The Japanese Americans who were relocated lost all their property and jobs during the internment. In December, 1942, 2260 "dangerous persons" of Japanese ancestry were deported from Latin American countries by the US government in the hopes that they could be used against Japan as hostages. When World War 2 ended, 1400 were not allowed to return to their home countries. Over 900 of these people were deported to Japan. After World War 2 ended, the Japanese Americans were released from their imprisonment in the internment camps. However, it was not until 1948 that the United States government passed the Evacuation Claims Act which authorized payment to Japanese Americans who suffered economic losses during their internment. However, only $.10 were paid for every $1.00 lost by the Japanese Americans. The mistreatment of Native Amer...

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